An Underground Observatory

This is a monthly newsletter about current artwork, influences, past projects, and upcoming exhibitions, often with some personal content thrown in. I will also include announcements when prints or originals are up for sale.

This month I mostly just have news to share. Our baby girl, Stefania Tilly Habryn-Gallanter, was born on May 11th, and I’ve been so busy adjusting and recovering that I haven’t had much spare time for extra writing.

Composite Landscape V: Canyons. (2019) Ink and watercolor on paper.

Composite Landscape V: Canyons. (2019) Ink and watercolor on paper.

However, here are a few very important pieces of art news:

1. Three of my paintings from the Cheimonette Tarot will be on exhibition during June and July at Senator Scott Weiner’s offices at 455 Golden Gate Ave, Suite 14800. Here’s the information for the opening, which will take place immediately following Senator Weiner’s march in the San Francisco Pride Parade on Sunday, June 30th:

2. As I mentioned in my last newsletter, four paintings from my Composite Landscapes series will be up at Four Barrel Coffee’s gallery space (at 375 Valencia Street in San Francisco), starting in July. I’ll post more information next month about when the opening will be, as well as how long the show will be up!

3. I finally have my prints up for sale! They are available at my new Print Store on my website, at There’s a whole bunch of lovely full-color giclée prints of my watercolor paintings and drawings for sale.

I had big plans to write a long post about what it means to me to be a queer female artist, but having a new baby around doesn’t really facilitate writing coherent essays, as it turns out. More next month, hopefully!


‘Yes, artist. I’m an artist. I suppose you think you’re an artist. Many people do.’

‘What on earth is an artist?’

‘An underground observatory,’ replied Van promptly.

‘That’s out of some modem novel,’ said Dick, discarding his cigarette after a few avid inhales.

‘That’s out of Van Veen,’ said Van Veen.”

- Vladimir Nabokov, Ada, or Ardor: a Family Chronicle